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稳定同位素碳13C6-UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide
13C6-UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide
  • 产品编号: EVU151

  • 相关CAS号:N/A

  • 分子式:N/A

  • 分子量:787.88

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EVU151 3mg ¥ 16500.00元 51


This isotopically labeled “heavy” tag can be used in parallel to the unlabeled “light” analog (See: UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide) to screen protein adduction by identifying hits as those with a mass difference of 6 Da.


* Biotin conjugate can be subsequently visualized by streptavidin Western techniques and/or enriched using streptavidin purification methods

* Captured target can be released under mild photolysis conditions (365 nm) and results in a significant decrease of background signal due to non-specifically bound proteins


产品类型/Product Type: Small Molecule    
化学式/Chemical Formula: C3213C6H51N7O9S    
分子量/Molecular Weight:787.88  
外观形态/Format:Pale yellow powder
纯度Purity: >95%    
溶解性/Solubility: DMSO, MeOH 
谱信息/Spectral Information: 1H, 13C NMR 
注意事项/Comments: Protect from light and hydrolysis conditions
存储温度/Storage: Upon receipt store at -20C   
运输温度/Shipped:Ambient temperature     


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产品说明书:auto_1455.png13C6-UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide



产品说明书:auto_1455.png13C6-UV Cleavable Biotin-Azide