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美国Fluoroprobes公司位于亚利桑那州斯科茨代尔(Scottsdale, AZ), 隶属于美国Bioconjugate Technologies公司。自10年前成立以来,Fluoroprobes一直致力于不断开发和扩展一系列荧光染料和探针。其研究部门由一群不同的科学家组成,他们利用最新的研究成果来创造新颖的交联和标记试剂。产品被用于推动国内外乃至世界各地许多著名研究机构和学术机构的药物发现,治疗方法和诊断技术的发展。Fluoroprobes专业科学家团队可以提供及时的技术支持,以满足客户的任何需求,并为全能使用我们的产品提供具体建议。Fluoroprobes还提供定制的连接产品,以满足广泛应用中特定的物理,化学和形态学个性需求。

Since its inception over a decade ago, Click Chemistry Tools has been committed to continuously developing and expanding a line of ligation products. Our research unit consists of a diverse group of scientists who work on creating novel cross-linking and labeling reagents using the most up-to-date research available. Our products are used to advance drug discoveries, therapeutic approaches, and diagnostic techniques of many prestigious research and academic institutions both nationally and all over the world.

All of our research and development, as well as 100% of our product manufacturing, is conducted in our 14,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility that meets or exceeds all production and safety requirements. Our team of specialized scientists can provide timely technical support to address any needs of our clients, as well as offer specific advice for the best use of our products. We also offer custom manufacture of ligation products to meet specific physical, chemical, and morphological specifications in a broad array of applications.




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