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Valley Biomedical 成立于 1986 年,为临床诊断行业提供高质量的生物制品、诊断试剂产品和合同制造服务。大约在 1995 年,我们开始利用我们的丰富经验,专注于为研发市场提供一系列人类和动物来源的血液产品和细胞培养血清。

我们是 FDA 注册的设备制造商,因此我们必须在医疗设备的 cGMP 下运营,并随时接受 FDA 的检查。

多年来,我们拥有三个地点。 1998 年 9 月,我们搬到了一个新建的工厂,以扩大我们的制造和客户支持能力。


* 研究产品和细胞培养血清

* 根据客户规格制造的人类和动物源血液制品

* 非生物液体试剂


Valley Biomedical was established in 1986 to service the Clinical Diagnostics Industry with high quality biologicals, diagnostic reagent products and contract manufacturing services. Around 1995 we began to utilize our depth of experience and concentrate on providing a line of Human and Animal source blood products and cell culture sera to the R&D market.

We are an FDA registered Device Manufacturer, as such we must operate under cGMP for Medical Devices and are subject to inspection at any time by FDA.

We have had three locations over the years. In September 1998, we moved to a newly constructed facility in order to expand our manufacturing and customer support capability.

We have developed three unique segments of the business:

*Research Products and Cell Culture Sera

*Human and Animal Source Blood Products manufactured to customer specifications

*Non-Biological Liquid Reagents

As an experienced manufacturer we provide excellent technical support as well as the ability to work with the end user to customize products.


1Valley BiomedicalHP1022HIHuman AB Serum Heat-Inactivated100mL
2Valley BiomedicalHP1022Human AB Serum100mL
3Valley BiomedicalBS3033CSUSDA-Apvd Fetal Bovine Serum Charcoal Stripped 500mL

靶点科技(北京)有限公司是Valley Biomedical在中国的总代理。被官方授权在中国负责品牌宣传推广,产品售前咨询和售后服务等一切商业活动和行为。靶点科技有专业技术团队,竭力为广大中国客户提供全方位的产品和服务赋能支持。



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